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Khammam, January 11, (    KALTI NUNNE is being transported to Bhadrachalam. . Kaliyutune Kegi made from waste is Rs. Provided to shops in the Mandal centers for 20s, 60 to Rs. There are criticisms that it is selling at 90. It is reported that the merchants went to the bulls who had taken hold of the Kalthi oil. 

Various political parties are also under pressure on young people. There are arguments that it is not surprising that kalittunan change the night to night. Food inspectors have been criticized for the fact that adulterated businesses do not perform properly. Mandal people want to take action against the health of the people. People are being prepared in Warangal with waste materials and moved to the shops in the agency zones of the Bhadrachalam Center.

 On the day of the meeting, four drills (BPs) merged into the AP in the form of a corruptive committee which received information from the Kulatinun, handed the vehicle and handed it over to the police. Is this oil original? .. adulteration? SI Madhu Venkatraju told the youngsters that samples were taken to exams to learn. In the meanwhile, Bhadrachalam has been allegedly being transported to the Ashvaroopetta Mandal along with Valeruppadu, Kukkunuru and Mandal for two years. Information about the business leaders in the zonal centers before they come to know that they sell their products to small shops.

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