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Nalgonda, January 11, ( central government is working to bring a new scheme to overcome the demand of dairy farmers and to overcome the demand for the supply of milk. Due to frequent milk prices, milk production and supply to consumers, consumers and dairy farmers are struggling. The Center has begun a new way to stabilize the milk supply and reduce the supply of milk in the market by the Anganwadi centers, lunch agencies and ration shops. The Union Ministry of Agriculture has revealed its new proposals to the States to ensure that the cost of milk distribution and other infrastructure is provided by the States.

 Milk consumption, demand and milk prices can be stabilized. Milk delivery by the mid-day meal agencies, Anganwadi centers and ration dealers is expected to have multiple benefits. Damage to dairy farmers is being damaged when the state governments are lagging behind with financial burden on providing subsidies to the poor. Many government diaries are in the milk collections. Finally, the KCR, who is also the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, has already announced on September 14 that the farmers of Narammaks Dairy farmers in Telangana would be given four per cent incentive to the lecturer. Narammak (Mother Dairy) has paid 37 lakh days to the farmers with a view to get an incentive from the government. This dairy has been procuring 1.10 lakh liters of milk per day through 559 dairy collection centers in the joint Nalgonda-Ranga Reddy districts. Though the farmers have been concerned many times for the support price, the benefit is great. State Governments will be able to take care of the farmers to provide relief to the farmers from the Center with financial assistance from the Center for implementing the new scheme proposed by the Center for this type of diary.

Milk supply through the lunch agencies, anganwadi and ration dealers will reach the milk pockets of the towns and villages in the towns if the milk is supplied. Similarly, subsidized goods that are supplied by ration shops can be replaced by alternative work and income sources. In the same manner, lunch agencies and Anganwadi Center staff will also have additional duties and returns. Along with mid-day meal agencies, there is a need to examine the possibilities of facilitating solutions through equitable women's associations. In the process of overcoming the nutritional deficiencies in the work, the government is already in the process of improving the health of Lakshmi schemes implemented by the central governments to make the children in Anganwadi to advance their welfare

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