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Unemployment ... financial problems ... gift to pharmaceutical companies

Karimnagar, December 7, ( ... financial problems ... Unemployment is becoming a major source for pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with the lives of common people with medicinal experiments. Innocent people are being killed when medication experiences are inconceivable, causing them to die. The victims of the clinical trials of Lotus, Apex, Reddy Labs Pharma companies are emerging individually in Jammi Kondam in Karimnagar district. Clinical trials conducted by pharmaceutical companies are becoming killer trials. Medicinal experiments conducted by these firms are sometimes distorted by the support of the poor and unemployed financial needs. The innocent are losing their lives. Some are hospitalized. Some others are losing their inactivity and being disoriented. Then the families of these people wrestle. The cases of clinical trials in Karimnagar district are increasing. With these experiments Nagraj's survivors of Nagampayam lost Jomkikkutam mandalam Kothapalli's Ashok lost the madness. Suresh was hospitalized. In addition, another case emerged. Another clinical trials case emerged in Newpally. The victim appealed to keep his name and details confidential. The drug is suffering from Sugar Disease. We have expressed the disapproval of such a situation. A 30-year clinical trial was conducted on a lab technician at a private hospital in Hanmakonda. The pharmaceutical companies believe that the illusion of the illnesses .. the clinical trials to admire that the health of the victim is now completely disheartened. Nagraj's illness died on June 16 this year due to the disruption of clinical trials. First of all, it is believed that Nagraj died of illness, but to find evidence for family members ... Lotus Parma is a drug experiment. On June 18, Jammy Kumar was arrested by the police. On 19th, KMC doctors conducted post mortem for the body of Nagraj. Though doctors from the Kakatiya Medical College say they will complete the report within 28 days, it has not yet come to light. But after counseling, they all agreed to clinical trials. Family members are suspicious about Nagraj's postmarketing report. Nagotta, who died in clinical trials, admitted to drugs Laotas Parma, a pharmaceutical company in Bangalore. He has tested Molotonia 2 Mg sleeping pills. This experiment also took place on 59 other people from different parts of Nagraj. Four years of drug testing was done on Nagraj in four years. But the pharma spokesmen say that one Nagarajah died ... many people have lost their lives, and some are suffering from ill health. However, the Lotus Company spokesperson said that the group insurers have been insured for 60 people. The family of Nagraj family has not been given any hassle. The Nagraj family, who had been hospitalized with clinical trials, had a disadvantage. On July 28, Ashok was suffering from a mental illness. Lotus Pharma Lab has been experimenting with drugs 10 times in four years on Ashok. Ashok, who lost his stomach, was diagnosed with the treatment at Hyderabad diagnosed mental hospital. In the few days after Ashok was mourning, Boge Suresh was suffering from blood transfusions. Warangal MGM is currently being treated at the hospital due to the condition. He was diagnosed with 30 times of drug testing. Suresh has admitted to clinical trials with financial needs. Rimnagar is understood with the events in the light of the para's selection of the joint district for medicinal experiments. There are no reasons for this. According to a comprehensive family survey, Karimnagar district is ranked first among all the diseases including cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, parasite, asthma and fieryri. In the backdrop, Parma companies are experimenting with money laundering for common people in the joint district for experiments related to these diseases. The police arguments on the trial of clinical trials. The case is under investigation. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act suggests that the Central Drug Control Board should be investigated. The number of victims in drug cases has increased. Police are receiving complaints. The laws of the law show that these cases are not subject to police investigation. The victims fell in a state of danger. Police say that the investigation into clinical trials cases will come under the law of drugs and cosmetics. Karunanagar Police Commission Kamalas Reddy said that Jaronal, director of the Indian Drug Control Unit, would have to take up the matter. If any of these cases are to be taken, the forensic reports say that after the light of the light, it is possible to take action. Currently, cases are registered under Section 337 of IPC. The drug under this section is applicable to alternatives or road accidents

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