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For the traffic ... 180 crores

Hyderabad, December 7, ( Hyderabadi Metropolitan Development Authority recognizes the highways of the traffic problems in the city of Hyderabad. By 2021, they had plans to develop a thorough development. The expenditure would also be estimated at Rs.180 crore and handed over to the relevant departments. Bhag Ganga recently introduced a recent Technical Advisory Committee meeting. The council also agreed with the proposal of the Authority to specify that it would be quick to shape the world. The Authority has decided to develop 40 roads across the city with a total length of 120 km as traffic major corridors in the city. The traffic problem in these corridors, the traffic congestion, and the future of the future, is proposed to be designed to increase the road to the number of vehicles in the HMDA traffic corridors. A corridor should be taken at least 15 km to improve vehicle travel. The rules of parking are mandatory for implementation and control. Parking in the city streets, parking areas and detect parking areas and arrange the parking there. The roads that are on these roads need to be developed. The pedestrian must get the area where it is necessary to run as far as possible. They need to make sure that they do not have problems. Traffic control, provision criteria must be translate. The current available area is to prevent traffic from interruption. Carrying out the vehicles, sending small stretches of roads, bottlenecks, or bus stops to other locations. HMDA has prepared a model for the development of corridors. Prevailing the road without first interrupting traffic to the vehicle. That is a small place to use for any particular purpose. In the immediate planning plan, in 2011, 7 traffic corridors were chosen to be 15 kms and improvement in the city. However, there are criticisms that they have not yet come to an end yet. The total number of currently identified corridors is 40. The length is 120 km. Nowadays, by 2021, traffic problems are to be avoided and pedestrians and bicycle tracks have to be provided. 15 km in the past The subsidiary unit that does not implement the proposed project is Rs. Will there be 180 crores to build 40 corridors and 120 km roads? Or ..? Wait.

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