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The salaries of the MPs who will be raised again

New Delhi December 27, ( are members of Parliament. People have chosen. Discuss public issues. Work for their solution. Government programs make people look good. Not only are the key issues in Parliament and their actions in the Parliament and take action. That's what they think of. There are salaries for everyone. What was our idea? As Parliament members asked us to increase our salaries, those in key positions came to the idea. Parliamentary delegates for legislation are now demanding a new demand for wages. The MPs already have a salary of more than Rs 1 lakh. Allowances are good. Subsidies are not available. The song is more popular than the discounted salaries. It's not enough. The MPs who have been heavily employed by other pensions and facilities are in the process of doing so. They want to increase salary for their work and status. Leaders who wasted time on weddings, suspensions and boycotts at the time of Parliament meetings asked him not to give up their salary fees. The jail is now going on in both houses of Parliament. Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Aggarwal first heard their voice and the support of the parties was supportive. Former MP and current UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath has prepared a report suggesting the committee increase hike in salary. It is argued that their secretaries' salary is higher than the MPs. That's why they do not have a salary more than a thousand rupees than their secretaries. Naresh Aggarwal also commented that the salary of MPs was lower than the salary of media representatives. This demand was supported by Union Minister Randas Athawale. All of them have been asked to get salaries for MPs. Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairperson, Rajya Sabha Vice-Chairman Naidu In 2016, this demand came up. The PMO Office has received calls for doubling the current salary of MPs. Earlier, the panel had asked to raise the salary of MPs. Now it's going to be doubled. The panel also called for doubling of MPs 'pensions and 75 per cent of MPs' pensions. The salaries of MPs have gone up for the last time in 2010. At that time, the salary of the 16-member MP was increased to 50 thousand. Now demand is going to be doubled. In order to increase the salary of MPs, amendments to the Act of Parliament Act 1954. In the case of their salary increases, all are united. Part of the party was united. And what if the Vice President wants to do that? Okay. It's funny.

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