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Hyderabad, December 27, ( is now raising new demands. The result is anxiety in the former. This is because tough guidelines for Congress tickets in Telangana. Rahul Gandhi, the new boss of Congress, says this. A rule is not to give a ticket to those losing three times in a row. It's also not about the ticket given to those losing in the last 2014 elections that is beyond fifteen thousand. They are handing over another job. If they are influenced by people, they will not be defeated. That's why we are thinking of encouraging someone to replace them. That is why the Telangana leaders are shaking. The seniors are thrilled to see Rahul's promise to give young people more opportunities. Surveys are conducted. Who is the hardest leader? Who won here in the past. How much did you win? Details like these are contributing items. The Congress, which is strategically responsible for winning in Telangana, is very cautious in every seat.

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