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Media Mughal Another Plan...

Hyderabad, December 16, ( in the press is the king. The media mogul is supposed to be headed by Ramoji Rao, that print media can understand what level of power and Ramoji intellectuals are today. Whether Ramoji's work is a grand success is it. Film City Super Hit. Priya hit the chutney. Guide bumper hit. Usha Kiran is hit on hits. Ramoji made a mistake in the English Daily. After that, any business started to deal more and more. Talk about Ramoji is going to enter another new business now. This time Ramoji focuses on the home theater. The Home Theater is not the sound system that we put into our TV. There is a mini theater in celibreys houses .. that kind of elder. Home Theatricals are very popular in foreign countries. There is also that dilemma. Each theater design is estimated to be between 10 and 25 lakh rupees. With advanced sound technology, integration with satellite, Ramoji agrees with a company that looks increasingly upsetting and it's coming soon. And see how many miracles Ramoji creates in this new business.

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