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From March 1, the band of movie theaters...

Hyderabad, December 16, ( shocked the Telugu film. Telugu cinema producers' councils have decided to shut the theaters from March 1 and keep the bandh indefinitely. That is why the film halls are closed on March 1 in Telugu states. There are about 1800 theaters with two Telugu states. Locking them is not a simple thing. The theaters are shut down by producers, distributors, families dependent on the theater and film workers. Is this possible? Whether or not the film is doing a threat of trying to make this one of the worst. The original problem comes from UFW and Cube providers. From the print system to the digital system, the UF and Cube are available. They could not afford the possibility of theater theater management. The service providers have come into play. Cube and UEFA services were provided, and some of them started receiving rent. These rentals are also made by the producers. The exploitation of service providers is now uphill. The producers are unable to pay their rent. What is renting a theater and renting facilities? It is the responsibility of the producers to see the theater owners. Performers say that we can not afford the services of the service providers and we can not do theater. The problem was intensified. The Producers Council thought that service providers should be removed from this sector. Negotiations are also going on for some time. But that does not succeed. That came with the theater bandh idea. Service providers do not have to pay rent if the theaters are closed. They do not have any income. This is the strategy that they come to compromise. However, the summer season starts from March. The same for movies ... That's the band's band at that time. The rest of the groups that are knocked off are likely to open up against the theater bandh. That is why the Producers Council has not even called the band's band. It took it until March. In the meantime, their idea is that the problem will be solved. Then what should happen.

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