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No entry in Telangana to Janesena...

Hyderabad, December 16, ( Sena ... It is already clear that two Telugu states will have their Jan Sangh party. But all his tours are now limited to Andhra Pradesh. After the creation of the division and the coup, it is not clear that he was talking about Telangana issues, except for the Telangana government and KCR. But in 2019, the party is going to be able to campaign in Telangana again. With this, Telangana Janesena has planned some programs. Pavan's decision to visit the Murali family has recently taken a decision on the unemployed youth who committed suicide. He said this while announcing the tour in Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly, Pavan wanted to go to Gazwal in Telangana after completing the tour in AP. However, KSR has done another. Pavan told the government that he was going to visit Gazwal to visit Osmania University student, Nirupayogi Murali family. However, the police responded on Friday. Pavan told reporters that they could not make the necessary bandhs and now they can not be handed over to police over Pawan's security. With this, Pawan replaced Gazwal in mandatory conditions. Analysts are predicting that the government is unlikely to see Pawan kissing in Telangana. Pavan's choice over the KCR government is also a factor. Anyway ... who know how the Telangana government is dealing with anti-people and anti-political activities ... it is not easy to get the Pavan party in Telangana.

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