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Khammam DCCB for Innovative Study..

Khammam December 2, ( Khammam District Central Cooperative Bank (DCCB) has opened up the innovative chapter of its own in cash in their communities. Decided to convert each community into a mini ATM center to strengthen cooperative banks. The members of the 99 basic cooperative communities in the joint district have provided the government with the possibility of cash in the cooperative society directly through mini ATMs without having to pay the banks to take cash. Micro SIM cards are distributed among all the ATMs for this purpose. But there is a bank account in the cooperative bank. ATM card is available for up to 10 thousand rupees a day. All PACs in the joint district comprised 1.60 lakh members and already 1.50 lakh ATM cards have already been issued. Cooperative bank officials who have found that many of these are not being used for various reasons, but some of the farmers have to use them but they do not operate. All the ATM cards are actively activated. Mini ATMs in the Erubalamp Cooperative Society serve the farmers there. Cooperative Department officials have decided to prepare ATMs to serve farmers in all the same way. In the initial phase, the ability to make money in the farmers' account is limited. In the next three months, new customers will be able to provide services such as cash transfers to other account holders. Every day, a thousand cooperative farmers plan to make money in order to get a cash advance of Rs 10,000. ATMs are already undertaken in Khammam, Vaira, Sattupalli, Panuballi, Marlapadu, Ashvarupeta, Newugudem, Koosmundi, Errabalem, Charla and Venkatapumpam under the guidance of Khammam district central cooperative bank. With multiple receptions, the cooperative bank sent proposals to the new ATM centers in five other locations. Besides account holders in cooperative banks, customers with other bank ATMs have also provided cash through mini ATMs at cooperative societies. The need for timely remedies to farmers and rural customers is to come to the Mandal and Urban centers for cash needs and to ensure that the farmers can save time by maintaining these ATM centers in their respective villages. In the next ten days, mini ATMs will be available to farmers and DCCC clients in all cooperative communities in the district. There are 47 central cooperative branches in the district, while the PACS operated by the banks are provided with cash from the banks daily through ATM centers.

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