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Nanchudu trend on Medaram Jathara...

Warangal, December 2, ( was not a matter of time to be handed over to the task of collecting the head work. Like the previous generation, the Priests' Association wanted to continue the nomination process. The Division argues that the tender will have more revenue. Medaram Jathara came under the divine Department in 1967. Since then, there is a fair in the service of the Divisional Secretariat. 33 per cent of the revenue earned by Hundy to the puja community. Similarly, the devotees who are lavishly distributed by the devotees are given the task of nominating the organization to the Pooja community. The collection of the heads of the priests is earning more revenue. The Divisional Secretary has expressed objection over the appointment of the Tribunal from the last two (2016, 2016) to the Pooja Association in the manner of nomination. In the international market, there is a demand for nomination in the name of the Tribunal community. The tenders call the contracts between the contracts and the increase will be "earnings. The tenders are being offered 33 per cent of the revenue from the management of the puja community. The Pradeshiya Sabha expresses concern that the contractors could be fraudulent if the contractors were to be rumored. In the past, 2004 and 2006, tender calls for tarani collecting were not more than ten lakhs. This resulted in the revenue coming to the divisional department. As a result, the priests are suspected of cutting on their 33 per cent revenue. With the tender experience faced with bitter experiences, the 2008 nomination again came into effect. The Puducherry Association argues why it will bump into the failed experiment. They say they are doing the right price for the market demand. 2016 per family 1.5 crores, and Rs.50 crores in the jatha. Recall that in Madararam Jatara, their priority is reduced to the Sammaku-Saralamma priests. In fact, the Hindu influence has been attributed to the growing trend of trade in India. The discourse is being expressed by the Adivasis due to their priorities. The Divisive Department has been continuously turning away from each other from their hand, alleging that it is a conspiracy to do things in the jacket. The tribal priests say that they do not have to worry about what is happening in the past. The clash between the Divisional Secretariat and the Poojarya Society was held on the occasion of 2014 for the collection of the head. The Puducherry Association also issued a strike notice to cooperate with the jockeys if they did not allot their work. Once again, the same conditions are likely to be repeated.

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