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ivanka remembering hyderabad

Hyderabad, December 16, ( is only two days in the town. But we can not forget it. Remember again and again. The host of the central and state governments in Hyderabad, the lifestyle of the people and the surrounding Golconda fort. She is the American president Trump's daughter Ewenka. Please recollect this conference and make another tweet. It is proud to be involved in the GES-2017. I am honored to participate in this convention. Over 1200 entrepreneurs from around the world came to this convention. Of these, 350 are American representatives. Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the people of India who gave spectacular hospitality to the guests from different countries, "she said on Twitter. Finally, the tweet of 'daravadudu' is a special Hindi translation of the memories of Hyderabad. It is understood that she was impressed by her. Being an advisor to the American president, she got a lot of respect and respect. That's why I'm not forgetting.

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