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Do not hold celebrations on the 1st of January...

Do not hold celebrations on the 1st of January...
Hindu Dharma Conservation Committee orders

Amravati December 23 ( the eve of the New Year's Eve on January 1, many people in India go to the church to get the whole year happy. However, the non-Indian tradition has been set up by the AP Divya Department to prevent such a ban on January 1. The long line of discussion on the matter was taken by the Divisional Secretariat.
On January 1, the Hindu Dharma Conservation Committee issued orders from the Andhra Pradesh Divisional Department not to hold celebrations in temples. On that day the temples were ordered not to be adorned with Sarvanganga. In this regard, all the temples in AP were issued notices. On January 1, the priests were ordered not to perform any special events. On the day of the Ugadi day, the Telugu Year begins. Celebration on January 1 is a traditional culture of the Divine Department officials. Celebrating New Year celebrations on January 1, it is not a Hindu tradition.

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