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Votes in Gujarat based on Communities.

Gandhinagar, December 1, ( has emerged over the results of the Gujarat elections. The BJP has been unilaterally winning in the assembly elections for two decades, this time it is faced with fierce competition. Independent leaders of the three strong social background are attending the Congress to campaign against the BJP's defeat. In addition, caste equations are effective. Political analysts say that three things are seriously affected by the results of the current Assembly polls. Even though the BJP and Congress are slipping about employment and the economy, the caste perspective has become the mainstay of the Gujarat elections. The BJP and the Congress are competing several days before joining strong social groups. Patrons are key to this. Although they are traditionally supported by the BJP, the new age in the padiers is leading the whole community. There are about 12 per cent of the population in the state of Gujarat with a population of six. They will be able to win over 60 seats in all 182 assembly seats. Of the 52 assembly constituencies, the population is more populous. In the 68 segments, Thakur and Koli will be decided. Any party that wants to win the Gujarat elections has not ignored these caste strongholds. Kham Formula Reform: The Kshatriya-Harijan (Dalit)-Adivasi-Muslim (KHAMM) equation which Congress used in 1980 has given power to the party. The Congress has won 141 seats out of 182 Assembly seats. In 1985, Congress secured 149 seats. The Congress had faced the Patel community when the state's population was 41 per cent and the KHAM supported it. Madhav Singh Solanki became Chief Minister twice. That's a record. Since then no party has reached more than 140 seats. The Congress leaders have named the new social bloc Khap (KHAP), which restored the Kham Formula and added it to the patrons. In the five Assembly elections in Gujarat, the BJP has failed to do anything substantially. In 1995, the BJP managed to increase 42.5 per cent to 47.9 per cent by 2012. Even though there was not a large margin in Votes, the BJP was winning there for 20 years. In the 2012 elections 12 BJP MLAs won just over five thousand votes.

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