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Myra Sarin in Nagarjuna Movie.

Hyderabad, December 1, ( Gopal Varma-Nagarjuna combo is currently set on the sets of the heroine Fix. Anushka and Tubba are the names of the heroines in this movie. After that, a talk was heard looking for another heroine. But the new heroine is still a question and the answer to that question is fresh and self-evident Vettam himself. The Ramgopal Varma Facebook has revealed that the film is a new girl named Myra Sarin is acting as heroine in the film. According to Verma, Verma revealed that the Mira Serene Dettels himself had been told to put a fullstop into the media and speculation in various media. Besides, the girl also shared photos of Varma. Myra Sarin is already in the first schedules of the film.

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