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Traffic is difficult this week in hyderabad.

Hyderabad, November 22, ( the evecan tour .. on the other side of the wedding .. private programs. This week, there was a day in Hyderabad. Haiderabadis ... the strings are not wrong ... go to preplaned. Vice-President of Venkatanayudu has been participating in various activities for three days from Tuesday. The traffic will be restricted to the routes he travels, and the driver does not have any difficulties. This is a good 23 to 26 months. Within four days, 50,000 weddings will be held in the city. Traffic hardships are not to be missed at the Gachibowali stadium with the music director AR Rahman Music Live Show on 26th. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be attending the Global Entrepreneur Summit on April 28. The Police Commissioner has announced that it will issue restrictions on movie theaters, hotels and businesses for two weeks in the background of GEES. In the past few days, the IT corridor and traffic jams in many areas of Old Basti cause traffic hazards. According to police, the official announcement will be issued on 24th and 25th of the traffic diversion and restrictions

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