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Jadcherla, May 11, (
The Rythu Bandhu scheme is ideal to the country. The Rythu Bandhu Scheme has to write with the golden letters in the history of agriculture field . The goal of Telangana is to see the farmer as king. CM KCR will not sleep until the target is hit. His ambition is to find happiness in the eyes of the peasants. So far, the farmers' kin scheme in the country has not been started and the KCR is behind. Dr.  Lakshma Reddy, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, has called on the CM KCR to help the people stay in touch. The farmers were awarded books and checks for the farmers under the Rythu Bandhu scheme in Balanagar Mandal Bodu Jatan in the Jadcherla District.Speaking on the occasion, Lakshma Reddy said, "After 70 years of independence, five years have passed and Rite Raja said," But the farmer did not go to the country for 40 years, followed by Congress for 10 years and then the TDP and other parties ruled, No farmers have a minimum support price and a ripe crop There are warehouses to. Debt saranya mehndi remain committed suicide, "he said. That's why we fought Telangana. We are fortunate enough to be the leader of the movement KCR .CM KCR himself was a farmer who brought the farmer's scheme to the farmer who knew the problems of the farmer. 


He is giving the crop investment to farmers as an elder. Rs 4,000 per acre will be given to two crops, which is Rs 8,000 per acre. There is no such scheme anywhere in the country. The KCR has been implementing miracle schemes in Telangana as the entire country looks towards Telangana. It is to show that their government is not like the previous governments.The schemes implemented by the Telangana government are making the rounds in the opposition. The minister criticized the Congress for blocking the Telangana issue and obstructing such schemes. Yet development is not going to happen. Minister Lakshma Reddy told the people that the state and the country would be better if the parties like Congress were to go unnoticed.Many welfare schemes such as elderly, widows, single women, downtowns, pension victims, beedi workers, pensions, land cleansing, livestock and fish distribution, handicraft, Kalyan Lakshmi and Shadi Mubarak have been addressed to the public. Minister Lakshma Reddy explained various schemes such as Kalakruti, Bima, Nettempadu, Palamuru, Kaleshwaram, Missionary Bhagiratha, which is being poured through the door power of the temple, etc.

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