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Farmers' woes on government frauds.

Adilabad, November 22, ( adopted to deal with crop purchases in Adilabad district are criticized for criticism. The pattern of public sector organizations that are required to ensure that the farmers are not being cheated in price, cost and other benefits are given to the crop yields for crop yields. Farmers who have grown these crops will prefer private merchants to sell in markets where Markfed has been placed there. Farmers are angry with the procedures adopted by the company officials in some centers established in Nirmal district. Farmers were in trouble due to the fact that in the rest of the areas there was a nominal purchase and cereals in the purchase of crop yields. With the exception of these hardships, the sale of private merchants was somewhat lost in price and weight. Cotton procurement started in the Adilabad Market Yard for the last month and has so far reached over 7 lakh quintals of cotton. Private cotton was purchased by Cotton Corporation and the Cotton Corporation of India has not yet entered the market. Farmers sell their cotton to private merchants so that only one kilo cotton is purchased and the only support price offered by the government to the quintals is Rs 4320. Also, there is no provision for more than 12 per cent moisture cotton for cc, and the current moisture content of cotton is 15 to 20 per cent. The CIC, which bought a lot of cotton in the past, has said that this time it is no longer a chance to buy cotton. While private traders are paying the prices for cotton yields in line with international market prices, the question is whether the ceiling is not the cost of cotton. While cotton purchases are making profits for private merchants, they say that the CII will indirectly swallow private merchants, claiming that they will buy a government support price. There are officers and staff who are required to take up the CIC office in the district headquarters and take up cotton procurement. However, the CEI officials say they are unable to take the purchase price because the government's support price is lower than market price. Farmers say that the private sector is buying a cotton pudding.

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