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Nandi Not awards .. Cycle Awards ..!|.The Andhra Pradesh government has been fiercely criticizing the recently announced Nandi Awards. The famous producer Bandula Ganesh has been responding to the awards recently held by the popular media channel Debate. He was criticized for the unfairness of Megastar Chiranjeevi's family in the Nandi Awards. In addition, Govindudu Andarivadale, who created his own film, was embarrassed about the film's absence. The announcement of the Nandi Awards is clear that the Mega Family is not overlooked. One day it was a comedy show. Sitting at home is understood to have been given to the brothers and sisters in the house. Balakrishna is a member of the jury. Announcing the awards and going to the Chief Minister. How to get a Best Actor Award Nandamuri's family did not hurt me. I'm concerned that the mega family is not coming. Akkineni Nageswara Rao's performance as a film like a film like a film like the Legend film will give you the award.

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