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How do you give this award to megastar? Bandula Ganesh|.A leading media company has made a special debate on the topic. This is the story of Telugu film producer Nallamalu Bujji .. c. Kalyan .. Bandula Ganesha and others participated in the discussion. In addition to the huge accusation that Kamal lobbying was selected in the selection of Nandi Awards, their names in the jury seemed to be utterly exaggerated from the social community. Ganesh made a mistake in giving Rangupati Venkaya award to Bandula Ganesh Chiranjeevi Which award has been awarded? "The NTR award was given to Rajinikanth .. Kamal Haasan was good, but not why Chiranjeevi did not announce that Raghupathi Venkaya Award is usually awarded to the end of their Journey in the industry, which was given to Krishnam Raju for a long time. Nishvar was released in the film for nine years How would you give this award to megastar, which is a collection of 150 to 200 crore rupees? Rs 400 crores are being sold and Row for the film rights Zhu Chiranjeevi is going
home, and many producers are going to his home for his dates.

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