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Guntur, June 2, (
The state government has decided to set up cc cameras across the state as part of conservation of peace and security in the state.Under the Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Limited (APSFL), it has decided to set up this system and allocated Rs 969 crore. The Matrix company is carrying out these tasks. The police department is preparing for control of crime in the areas of sensitive areas and major squads. The surveillance cameras have already been completed and are planning to start in a few days. Case cameras are set up only in towns and areas where the remote areas are not in the remote areas. Apart from the traffic problem, the Police Department has taken steps to utilize this system for multi-purpose defense, defense and defense control. There are criticisms that censors have been identified by traffic cameras to track traffic violations. In contrast, the state is producing cameras with modern sound knowledge. Selecting these for crime control! High-tech cc cameras and advanced technology will be used for this purpose. 14,764 cameras will be set up across the state. 


The Control Room will be set up in each district headquarter and sub-division headquarters. The cameras are now complete. Allocation of control rooms will soon be taken up. Four types of advanced cameras, including Advanced Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Red Light Violation Recognition (RLV), Faculty Recognition (FRS) and Video Analytics (USA) 107 cameras were allocated for 10 police stations in Tenali Sub Division. These include ANPR-45, FRS-5, VA-20, RLV and normal cameras 37. If the advanced cameras are set up, it will be overloaded. In the town of Tenali, modern cameras were set up in 48 squares in 2012. Municipal Corporation Rs. 15 lakhs have been allocated and allowed to set up a control room in market complex. These cameras were useful in criminal investigations. But in the subsequent period, the departments did not take care of them. The cameras were useless. People want long-term management of cameras to be handicapped.

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