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Vizag, February 1, (
Last mural burial grounds have problems. The officers concerned do not care to reconcile the problems in the mortgage bonds in the Bimalili and Tiger areas. In any of the graveyards, you can see the scenery with mad plants and thornbush, surrounded by contamination. Bhimili and Bhagamli are the months of trouble in the burial cemeteries.

                                           PROBLEMS IN THE GRAVEYARD ARE NOT 

 Relatives who have taken the body to at least cremated cultures are not allowed anywhere. Rainy, sunny, in many troubles are cremation. Many burial grounds are subject to occupation and the authorities do not. The District Collector's Girls' School and the Gudivada Govinda, where the cemetery near the bridge was constructed to prevent the construction of the premises and to provide infrastructure facilities to the locals for a while and the respondents who responded to appeals to the extent of Rs. Built with 30 lakhs. But some locals complained to the authorities that the quality was lacking. Rs. 30 lakhs, just Rs. Locals are spending just 20 to 23 lakhs. 

The cemetery is constructed around the site, but locals suggest that the inconvenience of the construction of the infrastructure is not inconceivable even if the situation is not built around. Locals want the authorities to react and provide infrastructure. Satya Sai Seva Samiti and many other volunteer organizations have come forward to construct the facilities, construct the Bhimili Bank Colony, Saddles, and freshwater bores. The permanent residency shelter was built on February 14, 2011, in the name of "Shanti Sthal" in the cemetery near the Gudivada Gostani Bridge.

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