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Ananthapur,June 2,(
Kharif is the start of the first week of June. The farmers expressed their frustration as the weather department said earlier this year that the monsoon is coming. Agriculture officials say that every farmer would be better able to get land in their land before kharif. The crops should be used only in favor of crops in the coming kharif. Farmers say fertilizers, crops ownership and plowing of crops are good for the farmers. Farmers have to adhere to the management rights of fertilizers. Phosphorus and Fertilizers should be treated. Nitrogen and fertilizers should be applied in the same way. The potassium should be dug with half a dip. Half a crop. The urea should be directly combined with neem flour or clay. If it is sprayed, urea is not sterilized and can be used for 100% crop. Bhaskar should not be used in the second installment of the cotton. The ground tests conducted through the National Sustainable Agriculture Mission Scheme have revealed that organic matter is low in the ground. This is a sign of hazardous conditions.


Every farmer should still cultivate organic farming. The use of chemical fertilizers often results in various problems in crop yields. Livestock fertilizers can be achieved through the help of vermicompost fertilizers as well as quality yield. We have prepared a suitable subsidy for the right crops. Farmers have reduced investment and yield increases. Fertilizer management should be followed in accordance with the land. Thus the soil will not be damaged. The nutrient status of the soil through the soil test can be obtained. Any crops in the soil will have high yields. Find the acidic and alkaline soils on the ground floor and correct the land. The cotton grower should convert the crop into his land. It is advisable to cut cotton in four acres and place other crops in three acres of land. Farmers are busy farming in the expected level of crops. There is a possibility of separation of 14,000 hectares across the Gumaghata Mandal.

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