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Khammam,May 29,(
The Khammam District, which has transformed the political lines in four years, has become keen in the next election. The TRS, which formed the government in the 2014 General Elections, won the majority of the Assembly elections and did not make much impact in Khammam district. There are only 10 Assembly seats in the new group. The Mahabubabad Lok Sabha seat, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Warangal and Khammam districts, In the Khammam district, the three seats in the constituency in the Telangana region were won by Khammam Lok Sabha. Congress, CPM and TDP wins each in four seats. The political equations of Khammam district have changed since the TDP's senior leader Thumala Nageshwara Rao joined the TRS after the election. TRS is developing as a strong force. Three MLAs belonging to the NCP, one MLA, have already taken the 'car' of Khammam Congress MLAs. Thamalam Nageswara Rao's victory in the TRS in the by-election of the Congress MLA Ramreddy Venkatreddi's untimely death in Palar. In this manner, he is widely attempting to cover the Khammam district as a fortress to the TRS. The political developments of the district have changed so that TDP, the Congress and the Communists have become the mainstream.


PAPAKATA MLA PAYAM Venkateswarar, who is contesting from the TCC, is going to test the fortunes of the ruling party in the next election. Here's a reaction to Raga Kanthara Rao for Congress. The CPI is likely to expect this position if the alliance with the Congress. Will it fall into the tape? Or not? A clear clarity will come in .. The MLA Korore Kanaakayya, the MLA, who has won the pink scarf over the Congress from Ellendu, will be the TRS candidate in the next election. Banot Haripriya, Anthem Venkateshwarar and Dr Ramchandra Naik are the prominent names from the Congress. Here the TDP is in a poorly-capped, cadre despite a vote bank. New Democracy party split here. Narsaiya and Chandranna from the Rayala community are likely to be in the fray.Khammam MLA Puvvada Ajay Kumar won from the Congress in the last election and is now in the TRS. He is almost sure to contest from TRS in the upcoming elections. Raghadasikor, Ponatu Nageshwara Rao, Granite businessman Vadiraju Ravichandra (Gayatri Ravi), Nagadla Deepak Chowdhary and Narasimha Rao are expected from the Congress. TPCC Working President Malu Bhatti Vikramarka represents Madidra constituency. He will be in the election for the next election. The TRS does not have a strong presence here. Bommera's retirement from the TRS is enthusiastic to compete again. There is no strong candidate for TDP here. It is not clear who is contesting on behalf of the Left.

Padra Venkata Veeriah is the only MLA of TDP in the joint Khammam district. He is a formal candidate for TDP in the next election. The TRS is hoping to give a tough competition to the widely-traveled saddle in the constituency. Pidarumathi Ravi, who lost to Badrada in the last election, will once again be a TRS candidate. With the poet Chairperson, Dayanand's names are also heard. Sambani from the Congress will be in Chandrashekhar bari.The MLA of Jalangam Venkata Rao will contest again for TRS in the new group. Opposite in the constituency is not as strong as the fact that he is likely to meet. Former minister Vasuma Venkateswara Rao from Congress and his wife Thudulludu Yadavalli Krishna ticket is expected. Sambasiva Rao is from the CPI From TDP to Satyanarayana contest is ready.Patti Venkateswara, who joined the TRS in the TRS in 2014, will become an official party candidate. There is a situation where Congress ticket is coming. Will Mecca Nageshwara Rao contest from TDP? Le Do not know. All these are the things that the TRS has to meet.
In Telangana, the only CPM ML is represented by Lalit Rajya Bhadrachalam constituency. After the division of the state, Chintur, Varamachandranapuram and Coonavaram mandals in the constituency go to the AP. There is a campaign on the ground that the MLA is not willing to contest from Bhadrachalam for the next time. He is likely to contest from Rampachodaram in his native AP. Former MP Babu Rao has been promoted to Rajaiah. Vellakara Rao is known as TRS candidate. The constituency Incharge Mane Ramakrishna and Buchhyaya are talking about names. Fanishvaramma's name is from TDP. Many tickets from Congress are expected.

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