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Karimnagar,May 29,(
There are new implications for the people who feel that all problems are eradicated with land records. Past pass books are not new passbooks. Many times, the government has given the opportunity to make amendments to the same mistakes that are the same. Revenue officials say 65 percent of the passports delivered were distributed to 65.85 percent and tahsildar offices while 58 percent of the checks were completed. There are suspicions about the errors being corrected and delivered.


Majority farmers are delighted to distribute checks of Rs 4,000 per acre along the farmers' program in the district. Some of the farmers are entangled with the intricacies of checks in checkbooks. Fellow farmers get checks and get cash from banks. In the passbooks, checks are scrupulously damaged. In the district, from September 15 to December 31, the farmers in the district have been provided with full details of the details of 1 ba, making requests to make mistakes, and correcting the latest ongoing farmers' activities. Patrons passports were distributed throughout the district till 17th of this month. Overall, 65.85% were distributed throughout the district. Thousands of paspukkalukku have been left out of wrong. Some landlords have been withdrawn without giving checks to farmers.

Checking out the checks and papers in the distribution of data is not a 100 percent distribution. Karimnagar Urban 8 checks and papers were distributed in full scale and in no other zone, no checks and bookings were delivered. The lack of oversight and the dependence on the entire field staff are allegations of this tragedy. Karimnagar Rural distributed 77.14 per cent in the distribution of checks and distributed 72.27 per cent of the Jammikunta zone in the district. Ramagata, Gangadhara and Newpalli districts are below 50 per cent. 63.48 per cent in Hujurabad, 60.25 per cent in Indore, 52.06 in Veeravanakada, 68.80 in Sidapur, 69.04 in Chapthaldid, 69.48 in Manapandhra, 61.91 in Taimmapur, 56.11 per cent in Sankarapatnam, 62.81 in Ganneruvaru and 56.43 per cent in Chinguramady.

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