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Amravati, May 29, (
Nara Lokesh said the country's GDP fell during the Prime Minister Narendra Modi time period.Lokesh spoke to reporters who met him at Mahanadu campus on Tuesday. He said the country's GDP was better when there were coalition governments. Lokayukta said that the country would form the government, not the Congress and non-BJP parties. The YCP, which did not criticize Modi for its special status, is supporting the BJP. 


He said he would vote for the BJP if it voted for YCP. We have been telling you from the beginning that the castes, between the churches and the moral, He has been criticizing people for not being able to convince them. In the Karnataka elections, the BJP government has set up the bunker of the CPI (M) and the subsequent deadline. You will see how the TDP will be in the country's politics in the next election. It does not matter if the government does not speak about it. We have solved the problems that are better than that.

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