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New Delhi, May 31 (
The BJP, which has provoked much interest in the country, has been lagging behind the BJP. The by-elections to 11 Lok Sabha seats and 4 Lok Sabha seats across the country were just one seat and a Lok Sabha seat. Opposition has joined the BJP in this election. In addition, the votes were also broken. It should be said that the BJP is difficult to travel to.
The Kairana Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP is in power, has provoked much interest in the country. Here. Rashtriya Lok Dal candidate Tabassum Hassan has succeeded. Kairana constituency with the death of BJP MP Hukum Singh was the by-election. Singh's daughter, Mriganka Singh, was contesting on behalf of BJP. TABASUM was supported by BSP, Congress and SP. The BJP lost the seat of the Nurpur Assembly. The BJP won in the constituency of Palghar Lok Sabha constituency in Maharashtra. Rajendra Gavit was contesting from BJP, and Srinivas came from Vanantra to Shiv Sena. On the other hand, the Congress party has emerged as the largest party in the by-election for the Meghalaya assembly. The party will seek to invite them to form the government. Bihar Assembly by-election was led by Lalu Prasad Yadav RJD party. In Jorhat constituency, JDU has a total of 37,913 votes, with RJD getting 76,002 votes.

Lok Sabha
Maharashtra - Palghar - Gavit Rajendra - BJP
Uttar Pradesh - Kireana - Tabasam - RLD
Maharashtra - Bhandara Gondia - Kukade M Yashwantrao - NCP
Nagaland - Tokhoo - NDPP
Meghalaya - Ampati - Miyani de Shira - Congress
Uttar Pradesh - Nurpur - Naumi ul Hasan - SP
Karnataka - RR Nagar - Munirathna - Congress
Bihar - Jokihat - Shanavaj - RJD
Jharkhand - Gomia - Babita Devi - JMM
Jharkhand - Silly - Seemadevi - JMM
West Bengal - Mahestala - Dulal Chandradas - TMC
Punjab - Shahkot - Hardware Singh - Congress
Kerala - Chengannur - Saji Cherian - CPM
Maharashtra - Kadegaon - Vishwajeet Patangrao - Congress
Uttarakhand - Tharali - Munni Devi Shah - BJP

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