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Nalgonda, June 1, (
Fee reimbursement backlog  issue continues in Telangana state.About 11 lakh students are awaiting fees reimbursement arrears after the reimbursement of the reimbursement of the year 2017-18 academic year was delayed earlier this year, with the restrictions on their payments in the Treasury. Depending on the reimbursement, the management of the academic institutions has not been able to arrive for a year due to the loss of college payments and salaries. Last year it was a problem for the students to delay the issuance of certificates by dealing with the fees payments payments by the owners in providing the certificates required for students to go to higher education. In April, the government issued a budget announcement to the total amount of Rs 2100 crore fees for the 2017-18 academic year in respect of 5780 colleges across the state, including Inter, Degree, PG, BED, DED, Vocational Education etc. At the same time, the payment of monthly payments and restrictions on payments in the Treasury continues to be delayed. 


With the payment of monthly payments till the end of this academic year, the management of colleges will be difficult, as the payments for April and May are not completed in the districts. Another problem for the management was that employees were demanding monthly payments in the Treasuries and the complaint was also reported to the collector in Suryapet district. For the 31,499 students of 264 Inter, Degree and PG Colleges in Nalgonda New District last year, the Treasury Bureau of Payments last month paid only 4,649 persons monthly payments in reimbursement payments. In this district, BCI students' reimbursement last year is pending Rs 38 crores, 4 crores for SC / ST. The Department of State Degree Colleges JAC president Ramana Reddy urged the Telangana government to focus on the future of the students and the future of the treasury bills in view of the survival of the students.

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