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Vizianagaram, May 31 (
Janasana's chief Pawan Kalyan said that the tribals and the common people have been neglected. Pawan Kalyan, an open sabal in Santhalpet in Vizianagaram district, participated in the meeting and said that he had come to know the tribals in Kuruppa. There are minimum infrastructure in tribal areas. I thought TDP would solve the problems of tribals and common people. But TDP has ignored it. The center of the special center shows the dull hand. The political parties are not only favorable to the votes but the tribals and the people are not fond of them. There are no medical facilities in Kuruppam, no roads, no tribal products are being purchased and there are no warehouses to produce products. The bridges are not built and the tribals do not come to the plains. LaBeus bridge is not able to build a full moon connecting Mandalala. But there is a lot of money spent on drinking water. 


Chief Ministers are roping to move. Chief Minister Chandrababu criticized him for failing to find a suitable status. If Chandrababu is in the early stages of fighting now, he said, "If you go up with the janesan, you already have a special status. Young people, tribals and workers have lost a lot since the CE has not been working for special status. The people of Vizianagaram district have suffered severe loss because Chandrababu did not completely ignore the development of the North. Jansana activists tour the entire tribal areas. Find out the problems, draw my attention and fight with the government to solve them. Cool Drinks and alcohol will go to areas that do not get good water. There is a lot of money for tribal development at the government. But they ignored the lack of money to spend on them.

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