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Ananthapur,May 30,(
When the farmers are preparing for this Kharif cultivation in Anantapur district, the district administration has taken steps to prevent the scarcity of seed varieties. Seed nuts are distributed only through biometric. App is ready for this. Farmers are required to bring the Aadhaar card and the patrator's booklet. 430 biometric missions will be utilized. Of the 430 last year, only 130 of them are working. The rest of the 300 missions were repaired. They replace them with new ones. The Department of Agriculture has paid BSNL for Net Connectivity. There are some volunteers who are giving tubs because they are taking care of the farmers. The District Agriculture Department is taking all the necessary precautions with the aim of delivering quality seed this time according to the Collector orders in view of these issues. This year, there is a possibility of cultivation of peanut crop in the area of ​​6.40 lakh hectares. 


The farmers have been advised not to cultivate more than 6.05 ha of hectares in the last year to reduce peanuts. To this extent, 3.34 lakh quintals were distributed. This year, Hundi Neva, water from the Alzheimerie, flooded the ponds. Thus, the agriculture department has sent a report to the government on the need to plant 6,000 quintals of seeds, which is expected to be more than 6,000 hectares last year. Currently, 1.83 lakh quintal seed seed processing has been completed for 3.40 lakh quintals. In the stages, seed coin was added to the wallowns to 51 mandal centers. 5,816 quintals of rice roasting mandals, gorantra-3,172, pamadi -2,772, anthuraku -2,595 and guntakhalas -2,267 quintals. The cost of collection is Rs. 61, quinta is 6,100, of which 40 per cent is subsidized by the government. Rs. 2,440 subsidies and Rs 3,660 for farmers. Each farmer is given a maximum of 30 kg of seed nuts up to 4. Distribution centers are set up in 63 zones across the district. 33,398 quintals of AP Seeds 23 zones will be distributed. There is a buffer stock of 6,682 quintals. Oilfed will supply 25,545 quintals in 25 zones. Vasan company has been able to distribute 11,556 quintals in 3 zones and will share partially in seed distribution in about 28 zones. The price of seedlings distributed by the company will be Rs 5,920 and Rs 3,552 as non subsidized.

As soon as the seed distribution begins, another 1.56 lakh quintals of peanut seed nuts will continue to be proceeng, district agriculture official Prasad said. Furthermore, a quarter of quintals of khintala seedlings in Kadapa and Kurnool have been completed. Seeds were distributed to farmers in farming units in 58 zones. In the rest of the colleges, schools and government schools have been sent by the CEO to issue licenses to the colleges. All distribution centers across the district will be notified in two or three days. On the orders of the collector and the distribution of seed distribution dates, Tricho DermaVividi will produce 2,450 quintals of seed oil for distribution along with seed. There are already 2,232 quintals ready. Nandhana 2 lakh kits, as well as 5,000 quintals of kandi seeds will be distributed. 2 lakh quintals will be ready by the beginning of the distribution.

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