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Kadapa,May 29,(
The Nipha virus, which is keen on the state of Kerala and Karnataka, is currently stoking concerns in Andhra Pradesh. The bats that caused the death of lethal viruses, the pigs are the largest in the districts of Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor and Anantapur. The bats caused by the infection of the 'infectious' virus and the pigs have established settlements throughout the district. On the back side of the One Town Police Station in Kadapa City, bats are located in the vicinity of the Mandapettai Primary Health Center in the Ranchotti Mandir, Maribhavar, Chinnamandam Mandal and Devagudi Palli. These are the only ones in the district. In these areas, bats reside on the trees, and the night rides are closest to the people. 


In Kerala, Nipah virus has been hit by more than 12 deaths. Locals 'concerns have been further increased with doctors' warnings that people who are infected with bats and pigs may be more likely to be infected by the virus. The bats who go for food at night are eating mango, jam and sapota. Many people eat bats, parrots, and other fruits that are bleached. The fruits are now out of reach for the fruits of the Nifa virus by feeding the birds now. The adults are said to be rich in habitats and habitats in the forest area, where mango and jam are grown. There is no need to tell the pigs. In the small village, the pigs are visible. In the municipality and city governing bodies, the herds of pigs are aimed at terrorizing each locale. Although pandals have been known to cause inflammation of the brain and other diseases, nominal measures are taken for their prevention but are not fully retained. In such circumstances, the rural people who worship the bats as gods for decades have doubts about how much they can distance themselves.

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