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Hyderabad, May 30, (
TSPSC is preparing to issue notifications for the filling of large-scale posts in Telangana. Nearly four to five notifications have been issued and over three thousand jobs are ready to be completed. Two thousand posts have already been finalized and another 1,000 posts will be included in the notifications. The information is mainly of the general degree qualification of these establishments. Pending posts will be completed as these advertisements continue to be completed. According to the information of TSPC, the process for the release of notifications is almost complete. The information will be available in Group-4 units 1300-1500, VRO-700, Assistant Statistical Officer 450 and Group -1 125 vacancies. 70 junior assistant posts in the RTC will also be replaced. These notifications will also be included in the post offices. Assistant Statistical Officer may have a general degree and intermediate competitions, except for specialty courses. Post-divisions in other branches of GOP-4 will be replaced by notifications. The TSPSC is expected to complete preliminary-mines and oral tests by the end of March.


While preparing new notifications, TSPSC is increasing the speed of replacement of pension posts. As part of the recruitment of teachers, TRT issues the issue of the final key and releases the editing key. All districts have decided to release a list of general ranks in 1: 3 ratio. This leads to the possibility of candidates getting the rankings and the marks to arise. Certificate verification training has already been completed for ten-year DEOs. There will be new teachers coming soon after teacher transfers are completed. Candidates selection and physical tests have been completed in the Forest Department. Health examinations will be held from Wednesday. When these are completed, the interviews will be called at 1: 2 ratio. FSO will complete the recruitment process and will soon conduct interviews with the medical department posts Dental Specialist, Super Specialty, Assistant Civil Engineer and Tutor Post. Then there are interviews for Assistant Civil Surgeon posts. The schedule will be released this week. Next, the 273 deputy surveillance list will be released. In addition, 541 veterinary assistant posts will be reconstituted and the recruitment process will be initiated. Information about the completion of the recruitment process in the next month.

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