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Guntur,May 30,(
The MLA Andala Ramakrishna Reddy was also beaten by Dumma for the second time in the case of the ACB in the corrupt police DSP Hariprasad's house in Mangalgiri YSR Ramkrishna Reddy and his wife's name. This time, Dumma beaten Dumma, who had already beaten Dumma, Lawrence was also present. The MLBs explained to the ACB that the MLA was not able to attend due to the surgery. On Tuesday, the police had to attend the trial for the first time. However, the gangs were absent on Tuesday. "Our client is not well and we have come to him .. We have two weeks to go," said advocates attached to the ACB. "We can not wait for two weeks .. one week, we must attend 29," officials said. But even today the layers come and say that the health of our client is not yet broken. The CBI has registered a case against Durga Prasad, the most corrupt accused in the Capital area last year, in the case of ACB. 


The ACB has been lodged with the ACB RC Thakur Central Investigation Unit (CIU). As part of the investigation, some real estate in the area of ​​Tuluru was found to be named by others. ACB officials gave notice to him as the MLA's wife's name was obtained from the DSP's house at the DSP in Banaswamy in Mangalagiri, Valsi MLA. These events show that some YCP MLAs stand up for corrupt people who are exploiting people's money. The report of the district SP recently reported that the Nellore Rural YCP MLA Kotham Reddy has been placed under Sridhar Reddy for booking people with cricket betting. Vishweshwar Reddy, son of Vishweshwar Reddy, was arrested for allegedly kidnapping the contractor for money.

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