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May 30,(
Shankar is the hero and Sridhar N. Introduction to the director MR. Pictures company, SK Pictures submission Heroine Vishal released the second lyrical video of the film 'Shambha Sankara', which is jointly produced by Ramana Reddy and Suresh Kondeti.Hero Vishal said about this song written by Bhaskarabhata: "I first liked the title of` Shambhoo Sankara`. Movie Trailer I saw two and three films starring Shankar. By then it seemed quite different. This song is awesome. Sai Karthik has given a very good music. This movie is a big hit as a guarantee. All the best for the team.


The film's hero Shankar said, "I have seen many movies made from Vishal from the film 'Bendham Kodi'. Good actors. We are happy to release our movie song on his hands. Special thanks to Vishal. " Film director Sridhar N. Sai Karthik has provided excellent music for all songs. The first song was released by VV Vinayak. Now, Vishal is happy to release the lyrical video song of the second song. It comes in the role of Hero Inter Diction. We have seen a huge amount of Bhanu Master Dialogue for 4 days. Y.Ramananda Reddy, one of the filmmakers, said, "The shooting and dubbing programs have also been completed. Currently recording works are ongoing. A good hit movie is going to be audiences. This is a movie that has worked hard for six months for the whole team. "

Another producer Suresh Kondeti said, "Thanks to Vishal who released the second song first. My dear friend Bhaskara Bhatta wrote this song very wonderfully. Sai Karthik music is awesome. Teaser is going to be released in the first week of June. The first copy will be released on June 10th and immediately the sensor will be completed and the film will be released in the third week of June. There is good entrepreneur in terms of business. Aditya Bhatia has won over the Hindi rights of the film for over a decade. There are also good offers from all areas. This film is a record of the record of business and collection of rains and this `Shambha Sankara` stands out.It has acted as a compassionate heroine opposite Shankar. Nagyedu, Ajay Ghosh, Ravi Shankar, Prabhu, Edda Sriram and others. Dialogues: Bhawani Prasad, camera: waiter, Music: Sai Karthik, editing chotake Prasad, Productions: Y. Ramana Reddy, Suresh Kondeti, Story, Screenplay, Direction: Sridhar. N.

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