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Hyderabad, May 5, (
A Telugu youth who was struggling to get the hand of police in Iraq got relief from minister KTR's initiative. The victim, who reached Hyderabad, explained to the media that he had been deceived by the agents in Iraq. Nagender from Dwarakatirumala Mandal in East Godavari district went to Iraq for the last year. According to the report, Nizamabad district agent Satyam paid Rs.1.9 lakhs Nagender, who was taken to Iraq by the agent, was abducted by police in the hands of the agents who had gone to Iraq for employment. Nagendar told him that through his social media. 


Telangana Gulf Association president Basant Reddy, Telugu youth Malko chairperson Chari Minister KTR helped to release Nagender. Nagender, who arrived in Hyderabad on the day of the incident, spoke to the media at Shamshabad airport and the victim went to his nard. NGO's spokesperson thanked Minister Ketiar for his efforts to release the film. In the same way, demanding action against the agent. They have appealed to the AP and Telangana governments to rehabilitate the victims on the other side. Volunteer Representatives told the media that the Telangana DGP would be lodged today to take action against Nagendra's agent.

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