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Kadapa, May 30, (
Around Rs 1800 crore has been proposed to set up a water grid project to provide indoor kolai connections along with protective water for each village in Kadapa district. The RDS officials have already started the survey. Every summer there is a situation where people are drinking water for drinking water. With this in mind, water is supplied with hundreds of villages through water tankers every summer. Drinking water problem in any areas is complicated. Survey has started to get them easily accessible from any areas. In every constituency, the water schemes were set up to meet the rural poor. The 11 projects in the district will be supplied with water to all villages with 2.82 tiensis water. Ground level survey is underway to supply water through pipelines in villages. A comprehensive report on the survey is reported to the government. The government has planned to look into this report and grant funding. It was mainly prepared to supply water from the various power plants in the district. The plan is to plan Rs 5 crore for 75 villages from Brahmananda Sagar. A plan of Rs 37 crore has been set up to supply water to 84 villages in the Kazipet Mandal from SR -2. Drinking water schemes will be set up with Rs 7 crores to 106 villages from the Municipal scheme. Rs.20 crore will be allocated for the 206 villages of Bodhooru, Kasinayana, Porumamyalai and Kalasapadu from Brahma Sagar constituency.


An amount of Rs 49 crore will be spent on water from Ponnani to Adullaru, Badwell and Gopavaram villages. The project is designed to provide water to 118 villages in the Riyazoti area of ​​Rs 28 crore. Rs 104 crore will be required to provide drinking water to 589 villages in Sundappally, Arappally and Chinnamandem Mandalas in Rajapattai constituency from Rahejoti. To ensure the drinking water to 677 villages in Vellappally, Veerlapally, Veerapalli and Ramapuram mandals in Rajapet and Raichu Choti constituencies, Rs 128 crore is required to provide funds. The scheme for drinking water is to be given to Rs 20 crore from 91 villages in the Kamalapuram constituency from Pennannadi. The RDS officials decided to take up drinking water schemes at Rs.140 crore for 298 villages in Kadapa and Kamalapuram constituencies. Drinking water schemes will be taken up to Rs 20 crore for 69 villages in Belur. From the Somasila Backwaters, 534 villages of Rajampet and Kodur constituencies have been decided to require another Rs 190 crores for drinking water. This will be completed by the end of next month. In this connection, the officers of the high courts were fully involved in the survey.

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