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Hyderabad, April 2, (
The new parking system will be in Telangana state. Parking in the malls, multiplex and private commercial complexes has gone. This led to various news reports on the issue and the court ordered the government to focus on parking issues. The municipal department has held a high-level review meeting on the issue of parking in the major towns of the state, along with the state capital. Last month, the government released the policy in the second week of last month. The owners of these GO'S  need to provide free half an hour free parking facility for those people who come to those multiplexes and malls. From the half hour to hour you can use free parking to show the bill purchased at those shopping malls. The hourly stipulation allowed Malls organizers to charge parking fees from motorists. Monsieurs have warned that if they charge parking fees from motorists in violation of the terms, Motorists will get a lot of comfort if government orders are implemented.


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