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Amravati, March 22 (
Chief Minister Chandrababu said that his life is a  opened book and he has not done anything wrong. Vijayasai Reddy's words are coming out of their minds to keep me going to the PM till I get into the cage. He said he was working with the aim of achieving personal interests in the state, not the rights of the people. On Thursday, he held teleconference in his party MP. On this occasion, he said that the Center, yCP and Janasena are attacking him by asking  to be fair to the AP. Chandrababu has said that this is a trend that is being attacked by, Lokesh and Ministers. It is suggested that everything should be ready. 
There is no compromise on the state interests.


 It has been a four-and-a-half year strain, with an average 10.5 per cent growth achieved every year, and 4 per cent increase, and it will take four years to reach the level of neighboring state. On the one hand, fighting on the center of the struggle to keep on the other side. That's why I'm going to work with the Japanese-style movement. He worked for another 2 hours and called for an hour to protest. Chandrababu said he would go to the people if the adjournment had been delayed. The examinations are currently underway and the student's vision should be on their own. The injustice done by the Center to the AP was a cause for betrayal for the people of the state.
Now the village gramana is talking about the three parties' tendency. Chandrababu said the people should explain to the public why they are now demanding special status package. He then said that the Center was not given any special status and that the package would be given a package of benefits that would have equal status. For the past few years, the central trend is different. The Center does not help the AP.

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