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Anantapur, March 21 (way2news): There are plenty of jobs that work in the district. But there are serious neglect in their sanction. No more than three weeks of work is granted. At the field level, there is a problem that can not go. Fate or thousands of families are migrating to the stomach. District Authority Nirvana ... the negligence of the laborers of the poor. Dwarka officials have advance plans and lack of accountability and irresponsibility. Without the budget of the annual wage .. No new jobs should be given. What tasks have been identified. They are sent to the Mandal Committee by the decision of the Gram sabha. The assistant pedi will go to login from here. After checking these, the pedi comes to login. Then the collector must get approval. In addition, the online process does not work properly.


According to the Annual Budget of Labor, the plan is to provide 64,558 jobs in the district during this fiscal. It has already completed 21,296 jobs. There are 43,262 jobs yet. But ... more than half of these collectors have to be approved. At various stages the grant was stopped. And here's what we are trying to send to the gram sabha. If there is a resolution in the gram sabhasan ... can be sent to the Committee Planning Committee without the approval of Serpents. Direct collector approval can start and work. On 11th May, 2015, on 11th May, 2016, a separate Rashtriya Rural Development Commissioner issued a separate biomedical. The collector may take the approval of the Mandal Plan for the purpose of the workforce without the need for the villagers. This process will be fast in cluster and Dvama's offices. At least one hundred works in each zone are waiting for approval. At least 50,000 families have already been migrated to the district. We have not paid wages for three and a half months. Doing the work here does not work.
The government has directed to complete 2.18 crore working days in the current fiscal. Only 1.66 crore have been completed so far. The remaining 52 lakh working days are difficult to complete. Now it's registering up to one lakh days of work day. Even if this number continues, it will not be more than 20 lakhs. The government ordered 2 lakh working days to be registered every day. There is no acceptance of work here. In this case, the executives know how the number of laborers increases. At present, 4.98 lakh laborers are going to work in 2.88 lakh families in the district. Of these, 48,316 families have already completed a hundred days and have not qualified for employment. The government has identified 15 drought zones only 150 days. The rest of the zones are limited to one hundred days. It has become impossible for 2 lakh working days everyday. The mechanism has been delayed in approving the work plan

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