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Amravati, March 22 (
The statewide blockade program continues to be called upon by Special Provincial Council with demand for implementation of all division guarantees, including special status to the state of Andhra Pradesh. This road blockade program, which started ten hours early in the morning, lasted for 12 hours for Tent tests. YCP, Janasena, and opposition parties, including the Telugu Desam, had the support of the Special Deployment Committee. Today, the activists are kicking around  the call of a special set of instruments. All parties supported this movement. Left parties and Janasena have done dharnas. The YCP also came up with huge roads and protests. TDP leaders also participated in peaceful protests. The junction took place in a huge rally. The national highway was shattered. The road blockade program continued in Krishna district too.


 Leaders of the YSR Congress Party CPI CPM and Janasena Party participated in the highway blockade at the Asha Hospital near Aluthur near Guntur, Prakasam, Ubhayagodavari. About 10 km of traffic was stalled. Protestors rallied the Vallampantha highways in Nellore district. CPM, CPI, Congress, YCP leaders and activists participated in the highway siege on the  Nellore National Highway. Leaders of the BJP, Narendra Modi, and NDA government have been blaming the injustice of the Andhra Pradesh. The highway aggression against the BJP and Narendra Modi has been successful. Sulurupeta, Gudur and Kavali highways were on the way. However, there were no TDP leaders on the highways in Nellore district. The Nellore TDP leaders calling for the high command to debate protests and highways are debated. Opposition has organized a protest on the Kurnool 44 road. The protesters stuck on the road and the locals stuck there. The fire broke out on the Bangalore-Hyderabad national highway. Trivandrum and Congress protests were held to seek special status at the V.Cota Mandala Center in Chittoor district. Congress leaders were arrested and rushed to the police station after the drowning on the national highway. Tentative protest was conducted near the tenth class examination center. The students were furious when the city's speakers addressed through the Mike Set from the adjacent camp next to the students at exam centers.

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