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Khammam,March 10,(
Police said the drone operation was conducted in the forest area of Pujakurankerar for an attack on the Maoists.Night Vision drone camera was detected by the Maoists in the spot and reported that the fire broke out.A large encounter with 10 Maoists and Greyhounds Commando B.Sushil Kumar died on Friday morning in Pujarikankar forest area of Pujuguruppu police station in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district of Jayasankar Bhupaligothdale district.The deadly forest area was set up by police on Friday from the encounter where Greyhounds Commando BS Sushil Kumar's body was sent to Bhadrachalam in Bhadradri kotthagudam set up by the helicopter.Commando Sushil Kumar's body was post-mortem.The dead bodies of two Maoists are kept in the mortuary room at Bhadrachalam.The police could not move the bodies of eight other Maoists from the encounter area due to adverse conditions.In the encounter, the police claimed that one of the Maoists had seized 11 assault rifles, other ammunition, some goods and cash, and none of the dead Maoists had been identified.Bhadrachri kotthagudam district unit spokesperson Amber Kishorejah told media that the Maoists were killed in the encounter and the bodies of eight other Maoists would be moved from the encounter on Saturday morning.


The top ten leaders of the Maoists who died in the Pujarajankar encounter were Yapa Narayana alias Hari Bhushan, his wife Sarada, Bade Chakaravu alias Damodar and Kodiyad Sambhaya alias Gopanna.There were those who were killed in the encounter.The campaign has been further strengthened by the Maoist party's upper hand in the backdrop.Mainly the Hari Bhushan and Sharadha mobbababad district, Damodar, Gopanna Jayasankar, Bhupalapalli District, as the residents of the Warangal district faced the encounters of the death toll. There is a lot of speculation on the screen. In the wake of the incident, police rushed Bhadrachalam to the other eight bodies from the Pujarikankar forest area.Even for a few hours, the bodies of the Maoists were not identified by former Naxals and Maoist family members.Soon after the encounter, the Maoist party leader Kankanala Raji Reddy alias Venkatesh came to campaign.Members of the Raja Reddy family from Bhagrachalam departed from Calvasirampur mandal in the peddhapalli district.Communo Sushil Kumar lost his life because he was in the pujarajanker counterparts in the hood.Police officials announced that Greyhounds Commando Sushilkumar died in counterattacks in the Pujarikankar forest between the police and the Maoists.

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