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Kamareddy,March 10,(
Officials are making arrangements for the tenth class exams. Case cameras are set up in troubled centers Without the possibility of mascoping.The Department of Education has taken all steps forward for the tenth class examinations from 15th April to 2 April.12,813 students will be examined across the district.Arrangements have been made for 69 centers. Four government and five private schools will be screened in the town.There are 12 flying squads, 69 Sitting squads, 69 Medical Officers, 750 Investigators, 69 Super Chief Superintendents, 69 Departmental Officers, Three Additional Dept. Mental Officers, 15 Custodians, Five Route Officers and Five Non-Route Officers.Special teams from the Collector, JC, will monitor the management of the test.Revenue, police, and medicine departments are involved in the management of the exam.The district education department has made arrangements for summer.Drinking water and toilets were arranged for students.


Management is monitored.144 sectors will be deployed at the centers. Xerox centers are closed during the test.Each center has constable functions.Examinations will be held from 9.30 am to 12.15 pm.The Hindi exam day is from 9.30 am to 12.45 pm.Less than half an hour before students are allowed into the testing center.On the first day only up to 9.35 minutes allowed.But the rest of the exams are allowed only at 9.30.The Department of Education officials in the tenth class annual examinations have been active at this time. Detecting troubled centers in the district and equipped with cc cameras in those centers.This year's top officials are working to conduct tests in the shadow surveillance system.In the near future, all the tenth class tests were conducted in various centers for experimentation with cameras.Case cameras were set up in Sadashivanagar, Borlam, and Banswada High School in the district. The authorities are taking steps to prevent mass copying. The questionnaire has already reached local police stations. The morning and evening study hovers are held to achieve the best results in government schools. Last year, 85.1 percent passed and 95 percent of this year's work was completed. Study awards are conducted for students during exams.

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