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Medak,March 10,(
Local tax collections are a key factor in rural development.Officers have been touring and campaigning in the villages to collect taxes for the Panchayats in 2017-18.With over 100 percent taxes on March 31, the Chief Executive Officer has put pressure on the Mandal and Village Level Officers on video conferencing to ensure that the district is to be placed first in the state.Payment of taxes would be possible for the development of the villages, and they are propagating the public to understand them.Mandate development officials, village secretaries, local public officials, Dwarka unions and youth unions are taking steps to collect taxes.All the constituencies in the constituency are Pulkal, Riyikod, Munipally, Vattapalli Mandal and Hathunura Mandalas in the 134-gram panchayats, Jogipeta Nagar Panchayat.The target is to attract Rs 2.83 crore for those panchayats, of which 1.61 crores have been collected so far, while the rest is to collect Rs.1.22 crore.Only 17 villages have collected taxes for 134-gram panchayats in the respective mandals.13 villages in Riyikode Mandal and Vattpalli Mandal were sanctioned a hundred thousand taxes in four villages.Authorities say that the taxes will be made by March 31.Authorities say that the taxes will be made by March 31.


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