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Hyderabad, March 12,(
Value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST) returns are steadily rising in the state. Compared to last year's VAT, GST revenue is growing substantially. Revenues from August to February returns 19.57 percent after the GST came into force. No statewide state has ever achieved 17 percent growth rate so far. Telangana only achieved growth of over 19 percent and has once again topped the growth in own revenue. After the GST came into force, the state GST (SGST) had been damaged by nearly a hundred percent in November. From August to February last year, the revenue of Rs 19,556.54 crore was received by VAT. After GST came into force, this time, GST + VAT earned revenue of Rs 23,383.49 crore. 


In July, the GST was the first month after revenue declined, with the revenue rising to 19.57 per cent after the GST came into force in comparison with last year's VAT. In August, September, October, November, December, January and February the rates were 5.68 per cent, 14.67 per cent, 26.34 per cent, respectively., 15.46 and 34.37 per cent respectively. In this case, the state-owned petrol, diesel, and alcohol gross value tax (VAT) share of Rs. 10,573 crores. GST has earned revenue of Rs 12,810 crore. Last year, the total revenue earned by VAT in 2016-17 was Rs.31,322 crore. The total income during this period stood at Rs 37,428 crore, as against Rs 31,322 crore in the corresponding period last year. Despite the adverse conditions of the GST, the state government and officials increased the revenue due to the special measures were taken by the authorities. While the Central Government has not issued Vay Bills but does not have the opportunity to Enforcement, it is said that the revenue of the State Commercial Officers, specifically for the issuance of electronic vendors prior to all the offenses, and the surveillance by the Mahachchet on Zero Dai.

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