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Hyderabad, March 12,(
This year's Tollywood situation is dull. Sankranthi movies have not achieved sensational successes. There are not many wonders in the various films that came later. Just the average pictures, the investments they have earned, and the benefits that you've seen. The films that were super hit, but the viewers did not come to the movies that had a good feeling. Last year, there were sensational movies in this year, but this year, there were no such sessions. Sankranti season, the first two months of the year. On the background of this March, there are some interesting movies from the second half of the year. They continue to heat until the summer season. Interesting films and huge movies are coming up later. This year's hits deficit, these films are likely to be completed.


On March 16, 'Kiraak Party' will be released on the list of upcoming films. The film is going to be a remake of the hit 'Kirik Party' in Kannada. Raj Tarun has been announced as the 16th release date for the film 'RAJU GADU'. Similarly, Sri Vishnu's film 'Needi Nadi oke kadha' is going to be released on the same day. Kalyan, MLA, will be released from March 20th. The release of the film with a good character is titled 'Kalyan Ram' which is a hit. Puri's 'Mehbubah' and Savitri Biopic 'Mahanati' will be released on March 29. But it is to see the audience coming to see that time. The release date of Vishal 'Abhimanyu' was also announced on March 29. The movie 'Rangasthalam' is going to be released in March. This release date has already been locked. Sukumar, Charan combo, is going to be the first film to be thrown out of the song releases. If the film appears in theaters, it is possible that this year's pooja can be drowned.

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