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Nagar Kurnool, March 12,(
Telangana Sarkar is working hard to make the state sausage. In this order, water conservation is important. For this purpose, renovation of ponds is encouraged to dig new ponds and cultivate ponds in the farm sector. Many farmers are benefited by linking the dumping pits to employment guarantees for farmers. Work is available for laborers. Nagar Kurnool residents say that this is not as hopeless. Farmers cannot take advantage of this opportunity as the campaign fails. Many farmers feel that the farm will be damaged due to the sense of cost. It seems that some people are reluctant to arrange them. The top priority is to give them the highest priority in employment, but the expectation is not fulfilled as farmers are not interested in the field.


Due to the fault of farmers, the excavation of farming ponds is dull. As a result, they have received heavy applications from the Joint District for two years for the construction of these ponds. At the same level of grants granted as per the applicants. But many commentators have said that the authorities are back in doing things. In the districts of Mahaboobnagar and Vanaparti in four districts, Joglambha Gadwalls and Nagar Kurnool districts are lagging behind. Farmers union leaders also comment on the need to speed up the construction of pond farming in the joint district. Recently, the relevant officials who responded on this topic said that they are building free farming in their fields to encourage small and marginal farmers. It is said that they will complete the first priority of the construction of their fields in the field of application. The APOs have clearly stated that all the officers should be given special attention. If they are tired, the groundwater will grow in the boards of the farmers and there is no loss to the farms.

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