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Bangalore, March 8, (
If two cats are fighting for bread, the monkey has benefited. Now the differences and disagreements between the political parties have become an opportunity for the Bharatiya Janata Party. That is the South. KCR is saying that we are a lot of solidarity said. Analysts estimate that if the Hindi language is brought to the screen, the strength of the TRS is politically motivated. In the hard-haired Communist states such as West Bengal and Tripura, the saffron rays are reflecting people's changing ideas. Because people are not like traditional voters in the past. New blood is coming. Governments want the young people to adapt to their wishes. The forests and Hills that are hampered to set up industries are to be removed. Seas and rivers have to find all the deposits. These are the same evidence for permanent development, although a short time of trouble. While in the Opposition, all the things that are wrong are realized when it comes to power. Communists.


The creation of the building is just limited to the words. The Left has grown feel that it is beneficial to the party that it can benefit from the election as just the party. Traditional politics is not currently in a position to accept people. The Congress, which has a history of over a hundred years, has been involved in all the scams. Finally, Chidambaram and his son Keerti, who are printed as a good minister, are also in a hurry to calm the jail. As Indrani. Father's son is talking about corruption ... the Congress is not the lowest... People are going to get to the bottom of the hell. The Third Alliance... KCR is as easy as RK’s... It is impossible for all regional parties to come together. If possible, their needs exist. Another problem is the assessment of their profits and the team. The Prime Minister is yet another doubt when Surrey finally succeeded to take revenge. Leaders who are packed on high positions are asking for another benefit. If it does not accept... Touche... People have been identified as suffering from coalition governments. Vajpayee’s government also saw Jayalalitha's game. So... in such a situation, the possibility of inferiority is as weak as possible.

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