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Ongole, March 8,( 
Jagan said The desire to come up with special status is strong among the people.TDP's decision to leave NDA is the success of the people.The YCP's resignations have given the ultimate ...I told you to put on disbelief... Even in opposition to people coming then only Chandrababu take the desition.When asked about the resignations of Delhi, the question was asked to speak with the elders.More Asked what was the need to continue as NDA convenor.What is the word for the day to day Chandrababu thought people would listen?The original Chandrababu had no values and credibility.Jagan said that special status has not been received the manner in which Chandrababu has acted.


The 14th Finance Commission recommends that the status of the recommendation is unrelated.7 months the financial community continues ...Then what did Chandrababu do?Now it is correctly announced that the support is withdrawn before elections.If MPs fought against each other, the pressure on the center would increase.We are ready to put on infidelity ... then tdp give support.Otherwise, tdp put infidelity we can't support them.If there is no response from the Center then we should resign with the 25 MPs on the last day of Parliament.This is going to increase pressure on the center ... the country will be debatable.It is good to fight for the status of Chandrababu, Jagan said.Jagan is the head of the ycp, as the desire to come up with special status.TDP's the decision to leave NDA is the success of the people.

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