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Sanga Reddy, March 15, (
Akshara exams for 50,000 people at once.Medak district administration is preparing to make 50,000 women literate. Of the 20,334 Self Help Groups in the district, 2 lakh women are members. But in many cases, the collector found the illiteracy of women in the villages. Not being educated, women found it difficult to recognize the characters. In this order, the alphabet program has been developed. Prior to the summer holidays last year, the program was set up by Manikaraj Kanan himself. The program intended to educate their mothers and students at home vacations at home. There are 10 to 15 members in women's unions. However, Amma chose to have churches that did not study up to 8 people. IKP and Saksharabharat have been handed over to the two branches of the US collector Manikaraj Kananan. As a part of the program, the alphabet is from the AAY. The women learned from it and learned the writing. The kids in the house show how to write and teach. In this way the entire 50,000 people were educated in the district. The alphabet, two, three letter words, small calculations taught. It's been a year since the show started. Have you learned to educate women in this order? Has the program objective done? Can you read the names of women on buses, shops and other things if they go out? The collector decided to conduct an inquiry. The third party was handed over to the investigation and the authorities were not entrusted to the staff. Deccan Development Society (DDS) in Zahirabad. Representatives and staff of the company are currently investigating alphabets in several villages across the district. That's why they go to women and write their names and read them. 


The inquiry is almost complete information. About 50,000 people have come to the conclusion that they have learned alphabets. Around 50,000 women in the district who have been studying alphabets for Mother will be tested on this month. The Open School of Education Delhi Institute will conduct this test. The company will send specially designed questionnaires to the district. On that day 475 gram panchayats in the district are conducting the exams in the school. Reading, writing, calculation .. The authorities have found that the illiterate women in the rural areas do not teach the education, but the knowledge is not knowledgeable. Sample questionnaire was sent to all villages in the district. IKP and Sakshara Bharat staffed them for women. Nowadays women are preparing for a test based on sample questionnaire across the district on 25. The alphabet program in the district has been succeeded at the desired level for the unmarried women in rural areas. Manikyaraj Kannan, collector who worked here till date, experimented with the program in the district. The program intends to educate their mothers at home during summer vacations. The design and implementation of the program in March last year was also the same. Over 50,000 women learned through this program in 475 villages across the district. The test will be conducted by the Open School of Education Delhi on December 25th. All the panchayats are scheduled for the exams in the school. Exam documents will also come from Delhi. Reading, writing, and counting will be tested. This year, during the year in the district, the third party is being examined. The Tharparti observation continues under the direction of Deccan Development Society ... Amma has a unique status at the national level.

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