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Amaravati, March 15, (
Politics are changing: CM Chandrababu. TDP Coordination Committee Meeting was held at the residence of CM Chandrababu. MLAs and MLCs were present at the meeting. On the occasion, the UPA and Bihar are likely to discuss issues related to the Lok Sabha elections and the manner in which the Center is in the process of fulfillment of Divisional Style and Divisional Guidelines. Information about the results of the UP election and the Bihar Lok Sabha results are asked by the Chief Minister. Seeking to get the votes in their respective parties in various rounds, the CM seems to have been closely examined. 


He informed the leaders that political developments in the country are changing rapidly. In the meeting, he said that the talks in Parliament did not happen properly, the turmoil in the Telangana Assembly and the details of the absence of opposition to the Opposition in the AP. At this time, TDP increased responsibility and suggested that the party members should act as responsible. Even if the Opposition is not present in the House, the people feel we are opposed and have informed us that all the issues are discussed and the leaders are asked to answer all the questions. Everyone should be self-sacrificing and take care of the right. And to focus on public issues and weaknesses of opponents.

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